A National Leader in 24/7 Subspecialized Radiology Services

With a diverse physician team, Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates is proud to be the subspecialized imaging exam interpretation and reporting service of choice across Ohio and into West Virginia.

Partnering with us

If you are a hospital, health system, urgent care facility, or physician group needing radiology interpretation services or diagnostic support our leadership team welcomes a conversation with you. We offer a broad range of subspecialty services across a 24/7 coverage model.

Our radiologists have received specialized training in:

Body Imaging

Breast/Women’s Imaging

Emergency Radiology

General Imaging

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Neurointerventional Surgery

Neuroradiology Imaging

Vascular/Stroke Neurology

Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Leveraging technology for superior patient care.


Pioneered by Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates, our physicians utilize LucidHealth’s proprietary technology, RadAssist, to streamline radiology workflows and enable virtual patient archives.

This innovative technology allows imaging to move seamlessly from one institution to another, reducing overutilization, lowering costs, and freeing up radiologists and referring physicians from cumbersome legwork that delays care and hinders efficiency

RadAssist delivers best-in-class workflow management, deconstructed PACS, and zero-footprint viewers, eliminating the need to access multiple IT systems with different usernames and passwords while also enabling radiologists to work more efficiently.

Access to Superior Patient Care, Regardless of Location

Patient exams are captured through our hospital and physician partners and are then interpreted by our team of radiologists, who have been uniquely trained to generate a diagnosis specific to the type of study that was requested.

For example, if an orthopedic surgeon requests a knee exam, that image will be reviewed and interpreted by a musculoskeletal radiologist. Your report will also be generated in a style that is most meaningful to the physician specialist who referred you.

For Patients – For your imaging exam to be interpreted by one of our subspecialized radiologists, you must visit a location that we partner with.

** Details for scheduling an exam or procedure can be found under each location.

Learn more about Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates, meet our Radiologists & Providers.

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