About Us


Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates is now a part of LucidHealth.

LucidHealth is a unique physician-owned radiology partnership that helps practices expand their capabilities, improve quality of outcomes and drive financial success. It provides the management tools, technology and clinical support needed to optimize performance, enabling physician leaders to pursue excellence unencumbered by the administrative burden and growing financial challenges of managing an independent practice.

Our partnership with LucidHealth is a perfect fit, as we share the belief that all patients should have access to the highest quality of subspecialized imaging care, regardless of facility size or location.

What makes LucidHealth different?

  • Physician-led culture
  • Innovative technology workflow platform
  • Growth, with a dedicated focus on quality
  • Real-time virtual patient archive
  • Expansive subspecialist network
  • 24/7 radiology support services

Interested in learning more? Visit www.LucidHealth.com.