Riverside Radiology and Interventional Services provides world class services across Ohio through our hospital and health system partner relationships.

As the largest independent radiology practice in Ohio, Riverside Radiology and Interventional Services (RRIA) provides a wide array of healthcare services in conjunction with our hospital, health system, and physician partners who have selected us as their provider of choice. The 90 physicians who comprise our group are expertly trained and experienced in their specific areas of subspeciality and collaborate on a daily basis to ensure the patients who put their trust in them receive exceptional clinical quality and service. We believe this internal and external collaborative spirit and focus to keep the patient at the center of all we do is what truly differentiates us from other radiology service providers.

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To connect with our 90 subspecialized radiologists, patients and their referring physicians must choose a healthcare provider who has selected us as their radiology group of choice. Please click on the facility choices below to find a location close to you.

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